Suzie and the Monsters

Cleo’s Tale


The idea that vampires don’t have reflections is just wishful thinking. The truth is we merely wish we didn’t. At least I do. Recently, whenever I look in the mirror, I can’t help thinking, ‘There’s the face of a killer.’

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a fairytale of blood, sex and inhumanity…
Cover of my novel Suzie and the Monsters

‘This book is not for the faint of heart. It’s extremely steamy. It grabs you at page 1 and doesn’t let go. It’s racy and edgy in all the right places.’

– Kara

‘Sexy, erotic, loving, exciting, capable and dangerous – Suzie Kew is all these things. The author has created a capable and modern female vampire.’

– Karen Siddall

Warning! Explicit sexual content and other adult themes. This is a vampire tale. It is not erotica. Rather, there is explicit sexual content that is sometimes erotic and sometimes disturbing – and sometimes both.


Suzie doesn’t need a man, but she wants one. One in particular. She’s hungry for blood and vengeance, and she’s closing in for the kill.

Being a vampire isn’t as easy as it looks in films, and lately she’s been feeling very lonely, but Suzie’s enjoying eternity as a woman of the twenty first century. Part-time investigator and part-time stripper, she loves causing mischief – and when it comes to sex she doesn’t take no for an answer.

It’s March 2012, London, and the hunt is on, but it doesn’t stop Suzie falling in love with Cleo, who’s young, human, and very adventurous.


Alia and Cleo know what I am, a monster, the stuff of nightmares. I have drunk the blood of my beautiful Alia, and not just a lick, a trickle, but deep hungry devouring.

‘Two weeks ago I had a boyfriend,’ Cleo says. ‘Last night, my new girlfriend is shot in front of me, and I realise I don’t care if I’m lesbian, bisexual or whatever, who knows, I only care that the girl I love is bleeding to death in my arms.

‘Except she isn’t. She’s a vampire.’

‘Cleo, Cleo. I drink blood. I shoot men in dark alleys. You’ve seen this with your own eyes. Why are you even talking to me? Why aren’t you home in bed, safe from monsters?’

Approximate word count: 82,000


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