Francis Franklin lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with his beautiful wife and daughter. By day he is a university lecturer, but in between work and family he finds time to read, write and blog. He is interested in unusual human nature, such as non-binary gender and sexuality, or the interplay of dark and light in the transformation of human to vampire.

While working on his PhD, he spent three years writing an epic fantasy novel (Kings of Infinite Space) that combined his love of sci-fi and fantasy, his fascination with vampires, and his obsession with the myth of Iphigenia. This novel lay gathering dust on a shelf for eleven years but is now available as an eBook.

Since then, he has rediscovered his love of writing and has written a darkly erotic contemporary vampire novel (Suzie and the Monsters) and a lot of short stories and poetry in a similar vein – much of which can be found on his (other) blog.

Photo of Francis James Franklin with mountain backdrop.

Me with my head in the clouds…

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