August 2015 @AlinaMeridon

It has been another relatively quiet month over on Alina Meridon, this time partly because I was holiday in Crete for two weeks, and partly because, for the second month in a row, I got wrapped up in writing a story.

The new story ended up at 18700 words and is provisionally titled Alexis 5-1-8. It’s a blend of science fiction and lesbian romance, and although the main character is a sexbot there’s no erotic or explicit content. I’m often intrigued by the idea of sexbots, but almost invariably feel frustrated by stories about them, so this was my attempt to explore the idea. I’ve sent the manuscript to a publisher, but haven’t heard back yet; nor have I head anything back yet about I Like It Hard, possibly because all the cover artists were away on holiday too…

The nice thing about holidays is you get a chance to catch up on reading. I have a number of things on my Kindle list, but struggled to get into them; instead I devoured Bob Shaw’s Orbitsville and Stephen King’s Under the Dome, before requesting an ARC of Sophia Martin’s sequel to The City Darkens. But, of course, there was a little time spare for writing poems…


Cover of After the Fall by Sophia Martin